Is Your System Protected?

The number one threat to any business comes from cyberspace. Each month hackers prey on the low-hanging fruit created by simple negligence. We pride ourselves in keeping your data safe through a simple yet proven three pronged approach–the three legs of the cybersecurity stool:

Our Formula for Your Safety

While not every threat can be prevented, following a number of best practices, with the key ingredient of human follow through can help you avoid disasters which put your business at risk:

The first line of defense is to detect the attack before it begins. We install, configure and maintain a robust anti-virus, anti-spam and security patch management program to keep your first line of defense strong.

Backup and data recovery tools are critical to ensuring the safety of your important files and your business continuity. We will work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive backup strategy to ensure that your data is safe in the case of a cyber attack or critical system failures.

The best automation cannot replace the need for human verification. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, and provide the necessary human touch and quality control to ensure that the detection and backup plans are running as designed. We know our customer’s systems and what they need to maintain operations.